Dental units Gallant


Galdent CZ s.r.o. is a seller of dental equipment.

We are an exclusive representative of Ukrainian dental equipment manufacturer Galit company.

Our exceptionality lies in that fact that we represent high-quality products at competitive prices. The products of Galit company has already gained their clients in Europe and abroad. For more than 10 years the dentists in Germany, Switzerland, England, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Morocco and also in Ukraine have already been working with the comfortable dental units ”Gallant”. Since Galit company was established in Ukraine and the main office is also situated there it has been decided to open a branch office in Czech Republic. That is why we represent a company Galdent CZ s.r.o. which is going to be your reliable supplier of dental equipment for your dental offices.

Exclusive quality of our products is ensured by that fact that all our components and elements are manufactured exceptionally by the best European, American and Japanese manufacturers. Some of our dental units have been designed by the Italian designer who during the elaboration of dental unit has used principles of ergonomics and visual attraction. These all he has managed to combine and embody in the dental unit “Gallant”.

We are open to discuss with you every possible variation of dental unit which you wish to have in your dental office and we are always ready to offer you the best price!