Gallant CART

Mobile unit on antistatic wheels with brake device and wall protection.
Standard version of dental unit Gallant Cart:

  • doctor table with lower delivery of hoses, including:
    • LED x-ray viewer
    • control board for chair and unit operation with adjustment of all dynamic instruments and Endo function
    • 3-way syringe DCI
    • one turbine pneumatic line (silicone hose)
    • pneumatic foot control

Additional options are also possible. For more information please contact us.

For Doctor Table:
  • Second pneumatic line witout FO
  • Second pneumatic line with FO
  • Replacement of pneumatic line with pneumatic line with FO
  • Micromotor MC2
  • Second micromotor MC2
  • Micromotor MC2 LED
  • Second micromotor MC2 LED
  • Micromotor MC3 LK
  • Second micromotor MC 3 LK
  • Micromotor MC3 LED
  • Second micromotor MC 3 LED
  • Motor MX2 OPTIMA int(40 programs)
  • Second motor MX2
  • Motor MX2 LED
  • Second motor MX2 LED
  • Motor MCX (1000 - 40000 rpm)
  • Second motor MCX (1000 - 40000 rpm)
  • Motor MCX LED (1000 - 40000 rpm)
  • Second motor MCX LED (1000 - 40000 rpm)
  • Module with piezoelectric Bien Air scaler with 3 inserts
  • Module with piezoelectric Mectron scaler with 4 inserts
  • Module with piezoelectric Satelec NEWTRON scaler with 3 inserts
  • Module with piezoelectric EMS scaler with 3 inserts
  • Module with piezoelectric TKD scaler with 3 inserts
  • Module with curing light STARLIGHT Sx5
  • Peristaltic pump Satelec
  • Replacement of syringe with MINIMATE 3-way
  • Replacement of syringe with Mimilate 6-way
  • Apex locator(Yoshida Dental)
  • Water Heater for doctor table
  • Special big tray with 2 stainless steel trays
For Hydraulic Unit:
  • Separator “CATTANI”
  • Separator CS1, DÜRR DENTAL(including selection valve)
  • Amalgamseparator CAS1, DÜRR DENTAL(including selection valve)
  • Cuspidor valve , DÜRR DENTAL (including selection valve)
  • Soda Separator , DÜRR DENTAL
  • Selection valve DÜRR
  • 3-way syringe DCI
  • Curing light STARLIGHT Sx5
  • Rotary arm for monitor attachment
  • Water Heater DENLUX for cuspidor
For Dental Unit:
  • Replacement of FARO EDI Lamp with FARO ALYA LED Lamp
  • Intraoral camera VistaCam Digital, Durr Dental with image stop by means of sensor ring
  • Floor plate for unit and chair
For Dental Chair:
  • Left armrest with support
  • Right armrest with support
  • Magnetic pillow “C95”
  • UNI headrest
  • Trendelenburg
  • 3 programmable working positions